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We have over 200 brilliant scientists, designers and engineers working full-time on direct technology innovation – so we appreciate the true value of diverse expertise. As part of our Technology Innovation team, you’ll surround yourself with vital experience, extensive knowledge, skilled ability and commercial understanding across everything we do. Our people are driven by making success happen. We’ll give you the tools, technology, support and freedom to realise your potential every day.

Hear from some of the people who make what we do possible.

Our Insights

August 15th

Real Business - Are businesses ready for automation, robots and artificial intelligence? 15 August 2017

Jennifer Cable, people and talent expert and Martin Molloy, IT transformation expert at PA Consulting Group share their insights on whether businesses are ready for automation.

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August 14th

Charities must become more commercially aware and informed

The continued environment of austerity and pressure on the public purse (as well as individual donor wallets) are creating a new environment for charities. An environment where they have to …

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August 10th

The Scotsman - We don't need any Blockbuster copies, 10 August 2017

Stephen Carmichael and Mark Bell, public services experts at PA Consulting Group, discuss business support and economic growth in Scotland.

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