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After more than 70 years of groundbreaking initiatives that have seen us involved in everything from tripling sales of Evian bottles to protecting troops’ lives on the front line – we’re entering an exciting new chapter in our history.

Our partnership with The Carlyle Group, one of the largest alternative asset management firms in the world, will enable us to build on what’s great about our firm and provide us with the global platform we need to take it to the next level. It’s a time of exhilarating change, and we’ll look to our Partners to lead the way.

Driving our global expansion, providing the leadership, industry knowledge, insight and expertise we need to make a positive impact on our clients now and in the future will all be part of your challenging and rewarding remit.

Your ideas and ambition will make the difference. And your passion will drive the continuing transformation of both PA and the wider consulting industry, making it more agile, multi-disciplinary, and truly strategic.

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million Profit


Offices worldwide


million Turnover


Getting an innovative
new product to market
in twelve months

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Ministry of Defence

Protecting British
troops with a remote-control
bomb detector 

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Monica Healthcare

Saving the lives
of thousands of
babies each year

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