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Supporting Your Ambition

Ours is a truly collaborative culture where sharing knowledge is essential. As a growing, evolving firm we’re always open to new ways of working in our search for the best results. We’re constantly expanding our legacy as we build, develop and take the firm in new and exciting directions. As a Partner, you’ll identify the opportunities that will ensure our continued success. 

It’s your business vision, fresh thinking and expert strategy that will shape the work we do, the clients we partner with and the communities we impact. With the right idea and direction in place, we’ll provide the platform to succeed. Such investment has already included revolutionising our approach to learning and development across the firm – helping our people reach their full potential, which means you’ll have the most brilliant minds available for your team. 

This is underpinned by the newly launched PA Academy – a world-class learning and development capability and an industry first in social blended learning. Through bespoke learning programmes, we develop the consulting, management and leadership skills that place us at the forefront of the industry.

Global Ambitions

Being a global firm means developing and utilising the skills of our people on a global scale. For every project, we strive to bring the right team together – wherever they may be – to ensure that we get the right outcomes for our clients. As we enter a period of exciting growth, it’s our spirit of collaboration that will take your expertise above and beyond.

PA has made the difference for our clients and communities worldwide for over 70 years. Carlyle’s global reach, business connections and M&A experience will support a step-change in our rate of growth and allow us to continue to maintain our independence and track record for high quality innovation and delivery for our clients.

Alan Middleton

Alan Middleton CEO of PA Consulting