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Why PA?

Throughout our history of revolutionary work, we’ve cultivated an environment in which the most focused, driven and visionary minds can thrive. And together, we’re bringing ingenuity to life.

We were involved in the completion of the Sydney Opera House. We delivered biometric passports and saved UK taxpayers £160m. We’ve given millions of UK children the high-quality education they deserve. We’re the people with brilliant ideas and more than that, we know how to bring them to life for our clients.

And an innovation and transformation consultancy, our comprehensive offering is what sets us apart. It means we win amazing, complex assignments that challenge our people and achieve enduring results for clients and communities worldwide.

By joining us as a Partner, you’ll lead the creation of opportunities that drive value for the client and exponential growth for the firm, and for your portfolio. Entrepreneurial freedom, close-knit teams of brilliant minds and a global network in which to shine are all part of the opportunity.

If you’ve got the ambition and proven business acumen, we’ve got the platform to make your plans happen.


Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future in a technology-driven world. We earn the trust of our clients and, most importantly, put real faith in the expertise and ambition of our people. Our diverse team of experts can find the right answers to create enduring results. And we have complete confidence in our Partners to lead us.

Our Ambition

As strategies, technologies and innovation collide, we turn complexity into opportunity. Our diverse teams of experts combine innovative thinking and breakthrough technologies to progress further, faster. Our clients adapt and transform, and together we achieve enduring results.

In this period of exciting growth, it’s our people who determine how we continue to adapt, transform and progress. It’s their ideas, understanding of markets and eye for opportunities that shape our future. And we look to our Partners to lead every business development and change.

PA’s support has been invaluable to us through the launch of our new website and development of new functions. They have worked tirelessly alongside John Lewis Partners to achieve our £1 billion online target ahead of schedule.

Paul Colby IT Director, John Lewis

We encourage our people to challenge and inspire our clients, and each other. There’s endless opportunity to build business vision into a reality, meaning there’s no limit to how far we could go or how much you’ll achieve. 

It’s a personal firm, where people have the space to grow a new business.

Alan Partner

Carlyle are an amplifier for PA. They have made us more confident in the market, given us access to new clients and are pushing us to do better and go faster, it’s an exciting place to be.

Samantha Partner

Our Culture

We give our people the freedom to expand their thinking so we can save lives, grow economies and improve the world in a host of unique and incredible ways. Whatever your business plan may be, we’ll ensure you have the space, support and talent you need to achieve success.

The practical experience of our experts is what makes our projects successful. And with such a diverse team of experts to draw from, clients can be sure they have the best minds collaborating for them.

Ensuring we work together effectively is essential to our success. We’ve fostered an environment that makes collaboration as easy as possible. While our skills are diverse, we all share a passion for innovative thinking and breakthrough technologies that brings us together. We’re a unique community, where ideas are encouraged and found at every level.

I could take you to our technology centre in Cambridge and show you the seven fully fitted operating theatres we use to train surgeons. Next to them is the bay where we developed and built the remote control Land Rover with ground-penetrating radar for use in mine sweeping in Afghanistan. The next section is where we invented the new type of paper towels – and put them into production whilst the main factory is being built – so we have a production line that is supplying Tesco with a real product. We do cool stuff.

Frazer Partner

The Carlyle Group

Our partnership with The Carlyle Group will accelerate the delivery of our strategy and growth plans, bring us access to a wider network of sales opportunities, and provide us with the support of an organisation and brand that is globally recognised and respected.

The consulting sector is going through an exciting phase of development. We have long admired PA's renowned reputation for delivering exceptional results to clients in both the public and private sectors, and for scaling world class innovation from its Technology Centre in Cambridge.

Alex Stirling

Alex Stirling Director of Carlyle Europe Partners

If your ambitions are as bold as ours, this is the perfect time to join us. With Carlyle’s industry expertise and worldwide business connections to back us, we can now offer an even stronger foundation to get your greatest plans off the ground.

If you want to drive through innovative projects that create a real world legacy, this is the place for you to grow your career. We’re perfectly positioned to give our people the freedom to do brilliant things.