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Technology Innovation

What we offer

If you’re an ambitious innovator in need of a new challenge, you’ll find everything you’re looking for here. Underpinned by a culture of constant curiosity, we provide unique opportunities to achieve brilliant things – as well as the talent, teams and technology you need to make them happen. 

A different way of working

We believe that working with agility and flexibility, and encouraging constant collaboration, is the key to delivering great results for our clients. 

It’s all about sharing knowledge and pushing each other to achieve incredible results. It’s this approach that makes PA such a different place to be. While we have the capabilities to produce revolutionary work for global clients, we've retained an independent spirit that means that you’ll get to see and celebrate all the hard-earned rewards of your efforts. 

Together, we believe that the sharing of knowledge is the catalyst for new ideas. It's a common goal that has given us the edge in the consulting industry for over 70 years.

Learning and development

As well as the chance to learn from experts in a variety of fields, from mechanical engineers to applied physicists, you’ll find plenty of professional development opportunities too. Our pioneering PA Academy offers bespoke programmes combining classroom training and on-the-job learning, to develop your skills to the highest level.

PA isn’t a place where you have ‘one boss’ – with lots of projects on the go at once, it’s possible to get inspiration from lots of people at once.

Frazer Bennett Technology Innovation Partner

When I joined as a grad, I worked on – in the course of three months – two consumer product jobs, one in medical devices and one in machine development. That helped me to work out where I wanted to develop my career.

Cara Consultant Analyst

PA Academy

Investing in our people makes sense. It’s how we retain and attract the very best talent. It’s behind PA Academy – a global hub where you’ll benefit from world-class interactive learning and development.

This breaks down into five core skill areas:






Analytical thinking


Assignment and commercial management


People development

Our social approach to blended learning is a big part of progression at PA. Giving our people control of their own development is important to us. And it's something that we’re incredibly proud of. 

Rewards and benefits

Our philosophy sets us apart from other technology firms and attracts individuals who know they can perform among the world’s best. 

We firmly believe that the more you put in, the more you get out. That’s why our firm appeals to so many talented individuals. We offer competitive salary packages, provide comprehensive benefits, and award bonuses to people who add real value. How far you go is up to you, we’ll give you free rein to shape your career as you see fit. The stronger your self-belief, the more you’ll gain from the experience.