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Technology Innovation

Why PA?

You’ll find over 2,600 of our technologists, innovators, strategists, problem-solvers, leaders, developers, thinkers and doers operating in five regions all over the world.

We’ve developed world-class innovations that have stood the test of time. From the first self-service car parking system to a world first in medical injectors. From the original brushless servo motor to 'next generation' 4G wireless test equipment. We’re the people with all the brilliant ideas and more than that, we know how to bring them to life.

Our experts are not satisfied by theory alone. Our world-class technology capability means we can produce outstanding innovations for our clients.

Our work

Unconstrained thinking means we’re always pushing the boundaries of what technological innovation has to offer:

When we put a team together that bring different skills together – that’s when the magic happens.

Frazer Bennett Technology Innovation Partner

Our Facilities

Our Technology Centre in Cambridge is home to our deep thinkers, industry innovators and commercial experts. Designed by acclaimed architects, Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, it houses the world-class equipment that allows our team to bring the most amazing ideas and inventions to life. So, whether you’re designing a product, rapidly prototyping or machine building, we have the capability to transform healthcare, change the face of banking, cut travel costs or even protect a nation from cyber attack, all under one roof. 

Technology Innovation Centre

How we operate

Thanks to our exciting partnership with The Carlyle Group, we’re in a unique position to take our technology offering to the next level. We’re bringing together a significant amount of cross-sector technology and innovation experience from all over the world – making all the difference to our clients, and our people too. 

Our Technology Innovation consulting services help to unlock the true value of technology. With their knowledge and expertise, our teams deliver world-class services that allows businesses to thrive.


Within one project team, we had these skills: physics, chemistry, lab process, optics, image processing, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, android app development, human factors, ergonomic design... and that team was five people.

Dan Engineer